Document Type: Tender
PDF icon Inviting tender for 4 seater FRP Paddle boat
PDF icon Inviting tender Lime, Mustard cake, Pelleted fish feed etc.under PO, Fisheries, TTAADC.
PDF icon IMG_20190226_0007.pdf
PDF icon IMG_20190226_0006.pdf
PDF icon Tender for Executive Diary, Ordinary Diary & Calendar- 2019
PDF icon Tender Skill Development training of Principal Officer (Industry)
PDF icon Cancellation of Tender (Skill development training)
PDF icon IMG_20181231_0003.pdf
PDF icon IMG_20181212_0006.pdf
PDF icon Improve of road from kanchanpur to Jampui hill
PDF icon IMG_20181211_0002.pdf
PDF icon Providing & refurbishment aesthetic look office
PDF icon Inviting quotation supply of stationery artical
PDF icon Inviting tender for Diary, 2019 and Calendar
PDF icon IMG_20181128_0001.pdf
PDF icon IMG_20181122_0001.pdf
PDF icon Tender of various department, TTAADC
PDF icon Tender of ARDD, TTAADC
PDF icon Tender of various department, TTAADC
PDF icon IMG_20180913_0008.pdf
PDF icon IMG_20180907_0006.pdf
Document Type: Memorandum
PDF icon Furnish reply for Audit Observation regarding Annual Accounts 2014-15, 2015-16 within 22, May, 2019.
PDF icon Memorandum for Meeting Compliance for Audit observation 14-2015, 15-2016 yer
PDF icon IMG_20190430_0004.pdf
PDF icon IMG_20190320_0004.pdf
PDF icon Sanction memo for the month of February, 2019
PDF icon DDO/Head of office of TTAADC directed to prepare new Pay Matrix 2018
PDF icon Sanction memo for the month of January 2019 payable in February
PDF icon IMG_20190122_0001.pdf
PDF icon Memorandum (Strike of 8th and 9th January, 2019)
PDF icon Sanction memo for the month of December 2018
PDF icon Sanction memo of NITI AAYOG and Construction of marketshed
PDF icon The TTAADC areas Bondh on 5th December 2018 has been called by IPFT
PDF icon IMG_20181130_0001.pdf
PDF icon IMG_20181129_0003.pdf
PDF icon Sanction Memo RCC water reservoir and Mtc. Karingacherra orchard
PDF icon Financial Assistance to ST Patients Under Nucleus Budget
PDF icon IMG_20181101_0002.pdf
PDF icon IMG_20181101_0001.pdf
PDF icon Memorandum
PDF icon Memorandum (Fastival Adavance), different offices of TTAADC
PDF icon IMG_20181009_0003.pdf
PDF icon IMG_20181005_0004.pdf
PDF icon Memorandum
PDF icon IMG_20180929_0002.pdf
PDF icon Memorandum
Document Type: Notifications
PDF icon Annual audit report for the year 15-16
PDF icon File0001.PDF
PDF icon Office Order (Collect the cheque of salary for the month of March, 2019)
PDF icon Submission of list of employees to be retired during the year 2018-19 to 2019-20