Document Type: Memorandum
PDF icon Submit ACR of all staff
PDF icon Submission of Retirement profile for next 10 Years
PDF icon 28-02-2018 Expenditure0001.pdf
PDF icon Sanction memo for the month of February 2018
PDF icon 29-01-180001.pdf
PDF icon Nominate name of nominee of pensionery benifit/GPF/GSLI etc.
PDF icon AG Tripura will inspection of record of TTAADC
PDF icon Memo
PDF icon 30-12-17 SM0001.pdf
PDF icon 27-12-17 Fin0001.pdf
PDF icon 30-11-17 ARDD0001.pdf
PDF icon Sanction memo for the month of Nov, 17 payable Dec, 17
PDF icon Sanction memo of Honorarium (PO Edn)
PDF icon 20-11-2017 Sanctiom0001.pdf
PDF icon Work allocation
PDF icon Sanction Memo for the month of October, 2017
PDF icon Sanction Memo for implementation of Goat and pig rearing scheme (ARDD)
PDF icon 30-10-17 Memo0001.pdf
PDF icon 23-10-17 Memo0001.pdf
PDF icon 18-10-17 GST0001.pdf
PDF icon Sanction memo
PDF icon Pay and allowances due to payrevision
PDF icon Roster duty, Durga puja, 2017
PDF icon 14-09-17 Fin0001.pdf
PDF icon Memo Pay Matrix
PDF icon 29-08-17 Sanction memo0001.pdf
PDF icon 22-08-17 EO Fin0001.pdf
PDF icon Memo (NITI AAYOG)
PDF icon 29-07-17 po(fish)0001.pdf
PDF icon Smooth and timely remittance of GPF
PDF icon 28-07-17 (Fin)0001.pdf
PDF icon Sanction Memo TW
PDF icon Sanction Memo ARDD
PDF icon Sanction Memo SW&SE
PDF icon Memo SW&SE
PDF icon Memo PO Fisheries
PDF icon 20-07-17 Audit0001.pdf
PDF icon 18-07-17 Sanction Meme SW&SE0001.pdf
PDF icon 18-07-17 Sanction Meme SW&SE0001.pdf
PDF icon Memo against 12 hours Tripura Bondh
PDF icon 14-07-17 Memo PO (Health)0001.pdf
Document Type: Notifications
PDF icon 08-03-2018 OSD0001.pdf
PDF icon 24-01-180002.pdf
PDF icon Maintained cash book daily and close cash book
PDF icon 30-12-170001.pdf
PDF icon Furnishing of Staff position of All DDOs (Urgent)
PDF icon Submission of ADC own staff employees profile as per format of data entry of GPF
PDF icon Exercise of the powers conferred Tripura State Goods and Service Tax Act 17
PDF icon Requirement proposal for revised pay, All DDOs
Document Type: Tender
PDF icon Tender Notice from Fishery Department, TTAADC, Khumulwng.