Document Type: Memorandum
PDF icon Memorandum for payment of salaries for the month of Sep,2022 payable in Oct,2022 will be paid on 26-09-2022
PDF icon Memo for Durga Puja Advance of Deputed Staff in TTAADC
PDF icon Memorandum for Salary Saving Scheme of LIC and continue the Salary Saving Scheme.
PDF icon Corrigendum 10.PDF
PDF icon Sanction memo for the month of August, 2022 payable on September, 2022
PDF icon Memorandum (Har Ghar Tiranga)
PDF icon National Flag hoisting programme on 15th August, 2022
PDF icon Sanction memo for Independent day 2022
PDF icon Memorandum of PIRSA (Temporary Advance)
PDF icon Advisory on Financial Frauds by impersonating through fake Whatsapp numbers
Document Type: Notifications
PDF icon Memorandum (Furnish salary bill for the month of Sep. 2022)
PDF icon Tender opening notice No. 10/EE(W)/ADC/2022-23 dated 18-08-2022
PDF icon Salary Saving Scheme (Notification)
PDF icon Declared as holiday on Songrongma Ter (26th August 2022)
PDF icon ZDO wise flag hosting programme of 76th Independence Day on 15th August, 2022
PDF icon Cancellation of written examination (PA- II, Stenographer)
Document Type: pressrelease
PDF icon Prerelease on 14-09-2022
PDF icon 12-9-22 12-Sep-2022 18-13-31.pdf
PDF icon Press release on 05-09-2022
PDF icon 31-8-22 31-Aug-2022 16-24-38.pdf
PDF icon Press release on 29-08-2022
PDF icon Press release on 26--08-2022
PDF icon Press release - II on 25-08-2022
PDF icon Press release on 25-08-2022
PDF icon 24-8-22(1) 24-Aug-2022 17-15-38.pdf
PDF icon 23-8-22 23-Aug-2022 16-47-13.pdf
PDF icon Press release on 20-08-2022
PDF icon Press release on 17-08-2022
PDF icon Press release on 16-08-2022
PDF icon Press release on 10-08-2022
PDF icon Press release on 08-08-2022
PDF icon Press release on 05-08-2022
PDF icon Press release on 02-08-2022
Document Type: Tender
PDF icon Tender cancellation notice No. 04/TTAADC/2022-232 date 9/06/2022 (5000 Laptop & 5000 Tablet)
PDF icon Corrigendum Against PNIT No 10/EE(W)/ADC/2022-23 dated 18-08-2022ender notice No 10/EE(W)/ADC/2022-23 Group - II
PDF icon Corrigendum, Against PNIT No: 10/EE(W)/ADC/2022-23 dated 18-08-2022 - I
PDF icon Special repairing to ST Boys Hostel attached to Durgaram Para HS School , Anandabazar ST Boys Hostel, Const. Boundary wall etc.
PDF icon Special repairing of ST Boys Hostel attached to Barjala Binapani HS School.
PDF icon Imp. of Road, Repair & Up-gradation and Construction of 03 Nos. Septic Tank etc.
PDF icon Up-gradation of 50 bedded Kherengbar CHC in to 150 Bedded
PDF icon Tender PWD.PDF
PDF icon Tender Corrigendum No-4 for supply of 5000 nos. Laptop & 5000 nos. Tablets
PDF icon Inviting tender for carrying of Horticulture planting materials and other imputes
PDF icon Corrigendum No. 3 for EOI No. 01/TTAADC/2022-23 dated 29-06-2022, 02/TTAADC/2022-23 dated 29-06-2022 and 03/TTAADC/2022-23 date
PDF icon Auction Notice Final.PDF
PDF icon Renovation, Mtc. const. of Hostel under TTAADC
PDF icon Construction of sentry post, Mtc. toilet block etc.
PDF icon Corrigendum No. 2 for supply of 5000 Laptop and 5000 Tablet under notification No. 04/TTAADC/2022-23 dated 29/06/2022
Document Type: Form Download
PDF icon Social security pension scheme format
Document Type: jobs
PDF icon Syllabus for recruitment of Jr. Engineer