Document Type: Tender
PDF icon Construction of market stall, bituminous road and barrack for security
PDF icon Inviting tender for Tourist Cottage type accommodation & Tourist Cottage type Administrative Office block
PDF icon Inviting tender for Concentrate Pig feeds
PDF icon Inviting tender for Concentrate Poultry feeds
PDF icon Extension of last date of receiving Tender of EOI No. 03/TTAADC/2021, date 19/12/2021, with fresh DNIT.
PDF icon Tender documents and Terms and conditions including Financial bid documents against EOI No. 03/TTAADC/2021-22 dated 18-12-2021
Document Type: pressrelease
PDF icon Press release on 21-03-2022
PDF icon Press release on 16-03-2022
PDF icon Press release on 15-03-2022
PDF icon press(9) 14-Mar-2022 17-37-32.pdf
PDF icon Press release on 11 - 03 - 2022
PDF icon Press release on 09-03-22
PDF icon press(7) 08-Mar-2022 17-36-54.pdf
PDF icon Press release on 05-03-2022
PDF icon press(5) 03-Mar-2022 17-42-03.pdf
PDF icon 28-2-22 28-Feb-2022 16-07-51.pdf
PDF icon press(4) 25-Feb-2022 17-05-40.pdf
PDF icon Press release on 24-02-22
PDF icon Preess-21-2-22 21-Feb-2022 17-35-08.pdf
PDF icon press(2) 17-Feb-2022 16-54-25 (1).pdf
PDF icon News Release 16-Feb-2022 16-24-53.pdf
PDF icon Press release on 07-02-2022
PDF icon press release(5) 02-Feb-2022 16-20-59.pdf
PDF icon press Release 27-1-22 27-Jan-2022 15-44-14.pdf
PDF icon Press release on 26-01-2022
PDF icon Press release on 24-01-2022
PDF icon 19-1-22(1) 19-Jan-2022 17-20-09.pdf
PDF icon Press release on 19-01-2022
PDF icon Press release on 12-01-2022
PDF icon Press release on 30-12-2021
Document Type: Notifications
PDF icon Notice for 1 day Trainig Cum Workshop Programme on the PIRSA
PDF icon Notice for Meeting dated 7 & 8 March,2022
PDF icon Seminor for National Pension System
PDF icon Maintenance of Asset Register of assets created with the fund placed by TW Dept.
PDF icon Audit GFR.PDF
PDF icon Notification for Tender Opening against EOI-03/TTAADC/2021-22 Dated 18-12-2021
Document Type: jobs
PDF icon Recruitment of Stenographer
PDF icon Walk in Interview for the post of PGT- Chemistry at Khumpui Academy, Khumulwng.
PDF icon EMP 2.PDF
PDF icon Employment Notification (LRS)
PDF icon Engagement of tutor in Khumpui Academy, TTAADC, Khumulwng
PDF icon Walk-In-Interview for the post of Veterinary Officer under ARDD, TTAADC.
Document Type: Memorandum
PDF icon Salary Sanction Memo for the month of February, 2022 payable in March, 2022.
PDF icon Memorandum for general information of employee & Officer of the TTAADC that HDFC Bank has approached to ADC Authority
PDF icon Seeking information about the fund available in the plan or Development Head Non-Plan or salary Head and revenue Head an on 28th
PDF icon Sanction memo for the month of January 2022 payable on February 2022
PDF icon Observance of silence on the 30th January, 2022 every year in memory of those who gave their lives in the struggles for India's
PDF icon Administrative Approval and Expenditure sanction for Republic Day, 2022
PDF icon 26 Jan(1) 21-Jan-2022 14-22-55.pdf
Document Type: Meeting
PDF icon Minutes of pre bid meeting related EOI No. 03/TTAADC/2021-22 dated 18/12/2021