Sri Purna Chandra Jamatia

Hon'ble Chief Executive Member

(General Administration [including Appointment and Services],
Finance, Law, Planning, Industries, Village Committee,
All policies and any other Department (s) which are not allocated to any Members)

9612745378 cemadctripura@gmail.com
Sl No Name Designation Phone No e-mail  Photo
1 Sri Kamal Kalai Hon'ble Executive Member, (Health, Tribal Welfare, Tourism) 9402166924 kk_koloi@rediffmail.com
2 Sri Bhaba Ranjan Reang Hon'ble Executive Member, (Agriculture & Horticulture, Forests, LRS) 7005486766/9612657970 reangbr2@gmail.com
3 Smt. Dolly Reang Hon'ble Executive Member, (Social Welfare & Social Education) 9863199273 dollyrean317@gmail.com
4 Sri Rajesh Tripura Hon'ble Executive Member, (ARDD & Fisheries) 8731840820 rajeshtripura944@gmail.com
5 Sri Suhel Debbarma Hon'ble Executive Member, (Sports & Youth Affairs & ICA) 8730898277/7005338830 suheldebbarma2021@gmail.com
6 Sri Ananta Debbarma Hon'ble Executive Member, (Co-operatives
Science, Technology & Environment)
7 Sri Rabindra Debbarma Hon'ble Executive Member, (Education &
Kokborok Department)
8787449577 rabindradebbarma428@gmail.com
8 Sri Runeil Debbarma Hon'ble Executive Member, (Public Works Department & R.D) 9362339020 runeildebbarma@gmail.com